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baby vox which stands for 'voice of expression' is a five-member korean female singing group who has their debut in 1997, reached the highest peak in 2002-2003,

1997 is the year baby vox got their first album released, followed by 'baby vox 2' in 1998, 'come come come baby' in 1999, 'why' in 2000, 'boyish story' in 2001, 'devotion' in 2003, they have a total of 6 regular albums, their last album is a best album entitled 'best album' released in 2007, back in the year 2002, they have their first concert hold in south korea, which later got released on a 2-disc vcd set, besides showing the members' singing and dancing skills, the concert also includes an element that like a celebration of the fifa world cup korea/japan 2002 which the south korea team made it to the semi-final, the next year 2003, in january, they first went to china hong kong, a popular asian city,

i'm still loving you

hong kong is where the location of music video of their first published chinese song "i'm still loving you" shot, baby vox stayed there for 5 days, in the meantime, besides doing interviews, they hold a small fan-meeting concert at dragon center in shum shai po district, which later got published in the hong kong version of their 2003 album 'devotion' as a bonus vcd,

actually they went to china many times before, they even got a chinese recording of their 3rd album title song 'get up' many years ago, but that song is not included in any of their albums, i wonder how and why it goes over the internet? perhaps it has got released in an album which i never heard of,

the group is famous not only in korea and china, for example they released a mini album entitled 'go' in japan in 2003, which included a japanese version of the song 'go' which is first released in the 'special album' in 2002,

they also have a high overseas-popularity in thailand where they stayed there for the shooting of their photo book, and is where their 'best album' in 2007 first appeared, which includes a music cd and a music video collection dvd,

not to mention their special album 'ride west' in 2004, they have fans all over the world, people not only like to listen to their songs, but also like to see their dance move,


dance of baby vox is always attractive, it's powerful and catchy, same as their music, with the comeback of their 2003 album 'devotion', they're turning to be more mature and sexy, since the beginning, they have at least one new dance song each year, popluar tracks includes 'get up' in 1999, 'why' in 2000, 'game over' in 2001, 'fortuity' in 2002, 'what should i do' in 2003, 'xcstasy' in 2004, after their special album 'ride west' in 2004, the members begin to go seperate ways starting their solo career, baby vox disband, while baby vox rev follow up the trend,

the first and last

disband of baby vox has came true after rumors, shim eun jin & kan mi youn, who both joined the group since the 2nd album in 1998, have released their first solo albums in 2005 & in 2006 respectively, now leaving behind 3 babies, yoon eun hye, who joined the group since the 3rd album in 1999, kim e z & lee hee jin, who are the two most original members started out since debut, baby vox rev, a group with complete new members, is now trying to keep up the legend, while people are still loving baby vox,